2018 Food Vendor Placement

2018 Food Vendors:

2018 Food Vendors

  1. Copper Kettle Korn: Kettle Korn, a lightly sweetened lightly salted popcorn.
  2. The Nut Hutte: Fresh German Roasted Almonds, Pecans, Cashews, Salted Cashews, Fresh Squeezed Lemonade, Fruit Smoothies
  3. Jerry’s Sno cones: Sno cones, Frozen Lemonade, Frozen Slushies
  4. Dippin Dots: Dippin’ Dots ice cream
  5. Bill Davis:  Mini Donuts by the bag or bucket. Frozen ICEee Blue Rasperry, Cherry flavors, lemonade
  6. KC’s: Hamburgers, Hot dogs, pulled Pork, Pancakes, Sausage, Chips
  7. Santa Lucia: Greek/Mediterranean, Baklava, Lemonade day/ice tea
  8. Tony Wong: Egg Roll, sweet and sour chicken, Mongolia n stir fry, General T’so chicken, teriyaki chicken &steak, fried rice, fry pickle cheese wontons, Taco in a bag, Taco salad, cheese nacho, Fresh squeezed   Lemonade and Hawaiian Lemonade and smoothie, Ice tea and coffee.
  9. Hoggsbreath BBQ: BBQ, Pulled pork-sandwiches, Brisket- sandshiches, Turkey legs, Smoked sausage on a stick, Baked beans, Potato chips, Gizzard and heart kabobs, Pork chop on a stick
  10. Bronson Lende: Regular and Footlong Hand Dipped Corn Dogs, Gourmet Hot Dogs and Sausages
  11. Jack’s Steakhouse: Steak on a Stick, Shaved Prime Rib, Steak Sandwich, Jacks Burgers, Fleischkeukle, Chicken on a Stick
  12. Ron Lende: Fresh Squeezed Lemonade
  13. LaVonne’s Cheese Buttons: Kuchens, Cheesebuttons, Kneophla,kraut, sausage, Pigs in the blanket(cabbage Rolls)
  14. Rolling Yo, Frozen Yogurt with toppings
  15. Pacific Rim Noodles: Veggie Noodle Bowl, Grilled Chicken
  16. Joe Cranston: Chicken Strips, fries, shrimp, chicken breast sandwiches, mac and cheese bites, loaded tater tots, teriyaki chicken and rice.
  17. Joe Cranston: Shave Ice, and Ice Blended mocha coffee
  18. Fireflour Pizza: Wood Fired Pizzas, Cookies, Cold Brew Coffee, Ice Tea
  19. Sandi Clark: Homemade Sodas
  20. Jumbo’s Food Truck: Jumbo’s Sloppy Joes – Original, Bacon & Jalapeno, Jumbo’s Mac n Joe – Original, Bacon & Jalapeno, Jumbo’s Coney Dogs – Original, Bacon & Jalapeno, Jumbo’s Sloppy Nachos – Original, Bacon & Jalapeno, Hot Dogs, Nachos.
  21. Famous Dave’s: Ribs, Rib Tips, Chopped Pork, Beans, Coleslaw, & Nachos.
  22. Linda Chan: Chinese food, Teriyaki chicken stick, steak on stick, shrimp fried rice, veggies lo, mien, egg roll, blueberry, strawberry frozen lemonade
  23. Bronson Lende: Hand Battered Cheese Curds Regular, Jalapeño, Garlic
  24. Mitchell Brown: Homemade ice cream cones, shakes, sundaes, flurries, banana splits, ice cream sandwich, Root beer floats.
  25. Bill Davis: Fresh Battered DeepFried Cheese Curds (Flavors, Garlic-Ranch-Jalapeño) Pennsylvania Dutch Funnel Cakes (Toppings – Fruit w/ whip cream-powdered sugar), poutine.
  26. Kimi Fischer: Indian Tacos, Fry Bread Dessert
  27. Rock N Roll Tacos: Steak/Chicken Tacos, Steak/Chicken Nachos, Steak Fries, Mango on a Stick, Corn on a Cob.