Food Vendor Rules


All Food Vendors will be in the Heritage Park area directly east of the depot (the largest brick building of the two).

PLEASE BE ON TIME! If you are late, you will forfeit your space and be put somewhere else.  There will be NO REFUNDS for no shows.  Early takedowns or closing is NOT permitted.

HOWEVER: Any of you that wish to stay open after 9:00 pm, Tuesday evening, July 3rd may. There is an annual “All School Reunion” near the food court area at this time.

REMEMBER: You will enter on the 2nd Avenue entrance on the east end of Heritage Park. Please check what number you are before trying to park (which will be marked with a chalk number) Chuckwagons will have to back into their spots unhook and move vehicles so the next vendor can come in on time.

I hope that you have returned your permit application from Custer District Health, return them as soon as possible. (The Health Inspector from Custer District Health will be inspecting daily and they will shut down food booths on the spot for those of you that are not in compliance with their rules). Don’t forget there are “hand washing stations” for you to use.

The state electrical inspector will be in the park on the day of setup and will be inspecting before you start serving; he also has the right to shut you down (a letter is below). So PLEASE follow all the rules so you won’t be shut down.

The Mandan Fire Department will also be around to inspect your booth or chuckwagon. You will be responsible for bringing your own containers to haul your own WASTEWATER and GREASE out of the Park to dispose of it. This means your containers may not be left near or put in the dumpsters or dumped other places around the part or street. Non-compliance could result in a large fine and not being invited to participate in Art in the Park in the future.

Please take care of your garbage and put it in the dumpsters, NOT the totes that are to be used by the public.


POSTING PRICES: All booths MUST POST the prices of the food you are serving. This has to be done

before you open for business or you will not be serving until they are posted. We’ve had numerous

complaints from patrons wanting to know what the food costs are.


REMEMBER: No ice will be available for sale.  Also, there are Pop Stands, so there will be no

pop/water/or bottled juice sales from your booths.

We wish you a Happy, Fun and Profitable 4th of July festival. Our committee looks forward to seeing you this year. If you have any questions please call Del at 701-751-2983. Just as a reminder, the hours of the Festival Wednesday, July 3r11  from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm and Thursday, July 4th  9:00 am to 5:00 pm. Thank you for your co-operation.